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Listing Your Home For Sale By Owner

Image Credit: Mark Moz

Image Credit: Mark Moz

An increasing number of homeowners are listing their homes for sale by owner. While we firmly believe that an experienced realtor or real estate attorney are worth their commissions or fees, if you are determined to go it alone, there are some things that you will want to keep in mind.


The Contract: who will prepare the contract? What goes into the contract, and are there additional terms you would want to add? What kind of deadlines will you have? These are all things to think about early on. While Florida has a form contract which includes default provisions, there may be additional terms you would want to add. An experienced professional can help you identify these issues up front so that you can negotiate the process on your own terms.


Title & Closing Process: Who will hold the deposit? Who will provide the title search and insurance that your buyer’s lender will require? A settlement agent holds the escrow deposit, provides the title search and insurance, and facilitates the closing process.


If you are in the market to sell your home in the Tampa Bay area, Erin Bass Law is available to assist in the the closing process. Not only can we handle the title and escrow services, we can also assist in contract drafting, and the creation of seller financing documents. Contact us for free to learn more.

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